Become a Leader in Your Field with MPA@UNC

MPA@UNC, the online format of the Master of Public Administration (MPA) program at the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Government, equips you with the skills and experience to help you move into leadership roles in a number of areas:

Government Careers

If you aspire to lead in local, state, or federal government, MPA@UNC can help you develop the necessary skills to manage public administration, evaluate projects, and address critical issues facing today’s decision-makers.

Nonprofit Careers

The MPA@UNC curriculum provides you with a better understanding of budgeting, management, law, and legal processes, all of which are critical skills if you aim to take on leadership roles in the nonprofit sector.

Military Careers

If you are an active-duty military member or veteran, you can gain the skills to advance in the ranks or transition to civilian life through MPA@UNC courses in public service and leadership.

Private Sector Careers

MPA@UNC gives you essential skills in management, communication, and organizational efficiency, which you can apply as a leader in the private sector or in public-private partnerships.


MPA@UNC enables you to continue to work while earning your degree online from the highly respected UNC-Chapel Hill School of Government. The program can be completed in as little as 18 months and features the following:

Live, webcam-based online classes with other public service professionals

Dynamic, multimedia coursework that you can access 24/7

A Practical Work Experience practicum at a public service organization, which may be your employer

Virtual access to the same respected UNC faculty who teach on campus

Gain the knowledge and experience you need to take the next step in your public service career without putting your current commitments on hold. Request more information today.

“The best part of this experience has been getting to know and work with the people in MPA@UNC, including students, faculty, and staff. Faculty members are incredibly knowledgeable and experienced, and I have learned so much in the short time I've been in the program.”

Gary Rosche, Tax Division Supervisor, Durham County, North Carolina, and MPA@UNC Graduate